Gum Clear Service

An efficient, effective and eco-friendly solution to a messy problem

Wherever and whenever chewing gum becomes a problem call Gum-Clear (London) Ltd.

Shopping Centre / Retail Areas:

service3Your tenants and customers don’t want to see public areas disfigured by carelessly dropped chewing gum. We can’t prevent unthinking people dropping gum, but we can make keeping the walking surfaces clean, a whole lot easier. Our environmentally friendly service rapidly removes gum from a range of surfaces including concrete and carpet without damage, noise or disruption. We are also happy to work with your existing cleaning contractors.

Management Agents / FM Services:

service3Traditional methods for removing chewing gum from flooring and paving can be disruptive and expensive. Let Gum-Clear (London Ltd.) do the job for you, quickly and economically. We use the British designed Gum Pak portable gum removal system to quickly clean discarded gum from most types of flooring. The system uses a unique eco-friendly detergent and causes minimum disruption. It’s the perfect outsourced solution for management agents and facilities managers.

Educational Establishments:

service5Schools colleges and Universities all suffer from the disfiguring effects of discarded chewing gum. Traditional cleaning methods are expensive, time consuming and disruptive.  Why not let Gum-Clear (London) Ltd tackle this unsightly problem on your behalf?  We can save you time money and disruption thanks to our trained staff and the unique Gum Pak cleaning system.

Local Authorities:

service2Chewing gum is unsightly and can disfigure pavements making town centres look unkempt and uninviting. Traditional methods of gum removal are energy and labour intensive. High Pressure water or steam is hazardous to pedestrians and require areas to be cordoned off causing unwelcome disruption. Gum-Clear (London) Ltd eliminate all of these problems by using proven Gumpak technology. A trained Gum-Clear (London) Ltd operative can quickly and quietly clean a pavement with minimum mess and disruption.

High Street / Retail:

service3You spend a fortune creating the perfect retail shopping environment and then people spoil it by dropping chewing gum. Clearing up this discarded gum used to be an expensive, time consuming headache for store managers. Now Gum-Clear (London Ltd) has the affordable answer. We remove gum fast with the latest one man operated, self powered, portable system. It allows our trained operators to remove gum from most types of flooring quickly and with a minimum of fuss. No trailing cables, no noisy generators and no pressure washers. Gum-Clear – Simply the best way to get rid of gum.

Cleaning Companies:

service3We offer a specialist gum removal service to compliment your existing offering. No need to invest in expensive equipment or staff training. Our professional Gum-Clear (London) Ltd operatives will even wear own company uniforms to maintain your branding.