Gum-Clear (London) Ltd Solve the Problem of Unsightly
Gum Removal Fast

Looking for a reliable contractor or subcontractor to solve your chewing gum removal challenges? Gum-Clear (London) Ltd offers a rapid and environmentally friendly gum cleaning service to landlords, councils, housing associations local authorities, schools, colleges and universities. Using the amazingly efficient and totally portable Gumpak System, we can eliminate the need for high pressure washing and steam cleaning on most surfaces, reducing cost and minimising disruption.

The Gumpak system uses a unique sugar beet based detergent to turn chewing gum into a powder in seconds. The residue can then be easily brushed away without damaging the underlying surface.

Gum-Clear (London) LtdĀ - Our expertise is your solution.

PS: Many cleaning contractors now subcontract their gum removal work to Gum-Clear (London) Ltd.